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4 Amazing Benefits of a Bong or Water Pipe

Cannabis Product
Source: The Manual

A water pipe or bong is the favorite option for a lot of smokers. Bongs are available in different sizes and we all have seen them in many designs. These popular weed products come as two types. The first is the bongs, designed specifically for smoking weed or hash. The other category is the traditional water pipes. These pipes were initially used to smoke tobacco but today, stoners utilize them for marijuana. The two terms are used interchangeably. These weed products offer lot of benefits. Here, we discuss the major benefits.

1. Ease of Use

You need not learn anything to start using a water pipe. Rolling of a joint can be a difficult task for beginners. A water pipe or bong is quite simple to use. Most pipes consist of four parts – the reservoir, the tube, the stem and the bowl which holds your favorite herb. Traditional water pipes work like bongs but the water pipe has a hose instead of a tube. You just need to disassemble the pipe, fill the reservoir with water, place the stem on the vase and fill the bowl with the herbs. You are ready to take a hit and relax

2. Smoother Hits

For a lot of people, the biggest benefit of smoking a pipe is the smooth hit it delivers. Smoke from the pipe is filtered and cooled by the water, resulting in smoother smoke when you inhale. Moreover, the smoke has a better temperature as compared to that from a joint which is hot and can irritate your throat and airways. Pipes are suitable for both beginner and advanced smokers. You can inhale a lot of smoke with a pipe without any problem. If you are a beginner, you can take shorter hits to get used to smoking. 

3. Ease of Maintenance

Taking care of a bong or water pipe is quite easy. You need to ensure you refresh the water in the reservoir after each use as the water becomes cloudy and dark. There are many substances which remain in the water and some of them are harmful. So it is a good idea to always use fresh water. You should also see that you clean the parts of the bong now and then. You can wash them using soap or in a dishwasher.

4. Attractive Appearance

A water pipe comes in a variety of designs and colors to choose from. You can find a wide range of options in different price categories. You can get a bong that adds a nice touch to your living room decor. You can check out an extensive range of bongs in artistic designs and variety of sizes here. You can find a wide variety of cannabis products like pipes, one-hitters and bongs at online stores. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced stoner, you can find a number of bongs suiting your requirements and preferences from reputed brands. There are many online head shops that host an impressive selection of weed accessories for users of every type.

Would you be able to Get an Overdose on Cannabis?

Cannabis has gained notoriety for being an unlawful medication. On the off chance that you have heard any stories from stoners, you would realize that the experience isn’t constantly incredible. The present research and discoveries propose that it is non-lethal and there is no single demise recorded because of its utilization. In any case, it is conceivable to expend a lot of this medication. Similarly as with some other medication, taking an excess of can bring unfortunate outcomes. The most widely recognized hazard for tenderfoots is overdosing on their item to feel undesirable impacts and never checking out it again. Here, we get familiar with weed overdose, its belongings and a few hints to manage it.

What is a Marijuana Overdose?

A great deal of us question how this medication can be taken in too high portions in any event, when it is non-dangerous. Actually it is as yet normal to get overdosed. Despite the fact that this overdosing isn’t so lethal as caffeine or liquor, it can cause some awkward impacts. Regardless of whether you expend huge dosages of this compound, it doesn’t stifle the respiratory framework and make breathing troublesome. There are substances that harm the mind and organs and even execute the client. This implies weed can’t be dosed lethally however it is something other than what’s expected. A high portion can give you discomforting impacts and cause you to feel languid. Despite the fact that a few clients get terrified, these negative impacts from taking an excess of by and large leave inside hours.

Edibles are progressively answerable for overdoses as they take more time to show top impacts and clients wrongly consume more right now. At the point when the impacts join, you feel a more grounded understanding than wanted.

How Can It Feel Like?

Cannabis is fairly weird as it contains such huge numbers of dynamic parts including THC, CBD and other well known ones that demonstration in an unexpected way. In the event that you take a lot of THC, you experience psychoactive impacts that are not quite the same as the impacts brought about by cannabidiol. The impacts of an overdose are by and large endured in the event that you try to avoid panicking and remain in a happy with setting. Here are the absolute most normal impacts of taking a lot of the enhancement.


The absolute most concerning impacts of taking an excessive amount of incorporate tension and suspicion. Despite the fact that the herb is non-poisonous and doesn’t cause any long haul hurt, clients encountering suspicion feel that the impacts are extreme. At the point when taken in high portions, THC can instigate alarm assaults too. Such impacts can alarm the client and it expects you to remain quiet and persuade some rest to have the option to adapt to it.


Breathing in or eating a lot of this compound can make the client drowsy. Weakness is the most well-known reactions of overdosing on cannabis. This impact is acceptable in one manner as it spares you from encountering different difficult issues.

Low Blood Pressure

The psychoactive part in weed is known to drop the weight of blood. This is the reason clients are regularly observed with expanded, red eyes. The impact on pulse lessens with expanding resistance however taking a too high portion can cause this impact.

Quick Heart Beating

A couple of individuals, explicitly new clients, can encounter an expanded pulse with the utilization of this enhancement. While such impacts leave all alone with time, it is essential to focus on pulse, especially for clients experiencing cardiovascular issues. This impact can likewise bring on additional intricacies like tension and fits of anxiety in a few. Pulse can go down inside a couple of hours and get ordinary.

Hindered Movement

Liquor and medications can hinder development and effect the capacity to stand or walk. It is likewise conceivable to encounter these impacts by taking an excess of marijuana, however not all that harshly. A lot of THC can make your sensations to development unique in relation to typical and your body can make odd moves. The dynamic fixings influence locales in the mind liable for engine control, making your co-appointment troublesome.

Step by step instructions to Handle Marijuana Overdose

The main interesting point subsequent to taking a lot of THC is to dodge any frenzy. You should realize that the herb itself can’t cause any damage and that the impacts will keep going for a couple of hours as it were. There are a few hints you can attempt to make through the undesirable experience.

Take CBD

The communication of this non-psychoactive compound with THC is known to alleviate the undesirable impacts and high. You can have some CBD-rich items to manage anything you are encountering out of a high cannabis portion.

Get Black Pepper

Ingesting some crisp dark pepper can help forestall the psychoactive impacts and cause you to feel better.

Change the Setting

You can give going a shot for a walk in the event that you feel good. Else, you can go to another tranquil room or get some outside air to feel without a care in the world.

Enjoy Something Good

Consider diverting your consideration by perusing a decent book, playing a computer game or viewing a film. Removing the concentration from negative impacts can have a great deal of effect.